Heat Pumps - wide operating temperature range

EVITEC-H is the high efficiency range that features the most advanced multi-scroll technology currently used in the HVAC sector.


According to the 2009/28/CE directive, establishing  the national targets for the overall energy production from renewable sources, Galletti launches the new range of EVITEC-H air cooled heat pumps with 10 different air to water reversible heat pump models, with cooling capacities ranging from 50 to 180 kW supplying hot water up to 65°C even at very low ambient temperatures makes EVITEC-H the optimum solution for cooling, heating and domestic hot water.

EVITECH-H units are featured with vapour injection (EVI) compressors, that allow extending the operation range of the heat pumps beyond the usual limits, increasing their seasonal (according to ErP 2009/125/CE) and spot efficiencies (A class in heating mode).

Latest heat pump technology

  • Eurovent A class heat pump

  • Domestic Hot Water DHW production up to 65°C

  • Full load operation down to -20°C

  • High efficiency at partial load

  • Low noise versions

  • Counter-current heat exchange in cooling and heating mode

  • Possibility to manage an external 3 way valve for DHW supply

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