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MLP Heat Pump Range

6 kW to 16 kW

Galletti : Compact packaged heat pumps with EC compressor and R290 (propane)

About The MLP Heat Pump Range

MLP is a range of heat pumps consisting of 5 unit sizes and 7 models, equipped with a latest generation inverter compressor capable of satisfying the requests for cooling, heating and DHW production power in buildings in the most ecient way residential or light commercial. Thanks to the use of R290, MLP heat pumps guarantee high performance with wide working ranges.


The high seasonal eciencies and the very low GWP make it the ideal product for achieving thermo-hygrometric well-being while fully respecting the environment. All models, that access to tax deductions prouded for by actual law, takes full advantage of some of the most innovative HVAC technologies: in fact, all the units are full-inverter and the extended use of electrical motors with permanent magnets driven by inverters with direct current, even for the accessory components – such as fans and water circulators – drastically reduces electrical power consumption and minimizes it under every operating condition, ensuring an energy eciency level.


The hermetically sealed electrical panel also guarantees greater reliability and safety. Thanks to the advanced management strategies that have been implemented, the control electronics integrate the functioning of the units’ key components, thereby optimizing interaction between the main parts: compressor, fan, and water circulator. R290 (propane) is a natural refrigerant. Its very low GWP value, equal to 3, makes it the optimal solution to help reduce the environmental impact of greenhouse gases and therefore global warming. Furthermore, due to its technical characteristics, it allows the working range of heat pumps to be expanded, allowing their use even in extreme and very harsh conditions, guaranteeing the production of high temperature water.


We manage to guarantee an outlet water temperature of 50°C even with external temperatures of -25°C, reaching a maximum of 75°C starting from -10°C. Due to its ammability (class A3), particular attention must be paid to the characteristics of the installation site. The regulatory legislation EN 378 part 3 species the requirements to be respected for the safe management of the installation site.

  • EC Hydraulic pump

  • EC Axial fan

  • Twin-rotary compressor driven by an electric EC motor

  • Wide operating range with production og hot water up to 75°C

  • Advanced system management and adjustment strategies

  • Energy analysis

  • Natural refrigerant with very low GWP

Technical Specification

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MLP series heat pumps were designed to ensure maximum exibility in every application. Thanks to their extremely wide operating
range ensuring the operation even in particularly cold climates and allowing them to produce water up to a maximum of 75°C and to
the advanced adjustment logics provided by the electronic control, they are able to ensure not only winter heating and summer air
conditioning, but also the production of thermal energy to be used for domestic hot water production.


Thanks to the use of propane,
MLP is able to guarantee hot water at 55°C with an external temperature of -25°C, up to a maximum of 75°C with a minimum external
temperature of -10°C

MPE spec sheet

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