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design installation


Design installation

At GalxC we design, supply, install and fully project manage a wide array of innovative cooling solutions. This is all completed in house by our own design team and experienced project managers supported by our engineering team. Our many years of applications knowledge and experience is used to help clients get the best solution for their project which we will deliver on time and on budget. 

​GalxC can support your project


  • Specifications and design

  • Complex project solutions

  • Small, medium and large-scale projects (from £1,000 to £1M+)

  • Chilled water systems

  • Refrigeration plant

  • Pipework installation

  • Ducting & ventilation

  • Mechanical services

  • Control panels

  • Critical demand

  • Live changeovers

  • Exemplary QHSE

  • Qualified team

  • Experienced engineering

  • Project management

  • On-time and on-budget!

Services we provide

cooling projects

Cooling projects

refrigeration service

Refrigeration service

pump and tank set

Pump & tank sets

glycol antifreeze

Glycol anti-freeze

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