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Indoor Chillers (ducted)

GalxC offers a range of air cooled chillers with centrifugal fans that are ideal for indoor applications such as basements and plant rooms where the warm air can be exhausted to outside or recovered as heating throughout the building. The design focuses on compactness, turnkey and easy accessibility to all components.
The logic of the hydraulic plug & play, which is in the DNA of the entire GalxC chiller range, is placed side by side with a new Aeraulic “plug & play” system: adaptive air flow and modulating continuous fan speed control directed to reduce drastically the installation times.
The wide possibility of air flow configurations, in terms of number of models (sizes) in the range, and the available accessories, make the new range LCC the ideal solution for speeding up the time of installation on the building site. All units are in dual circuit execution and have the evaporator with braze- welded INOX AISI 304, dual circuit on refrigerant side to guarantee high efficiency under partial loads.

Chillers with centrifugal fans

  • LCC range

  • 50 kW to 200 kW

  • Centrifugal fans

  • 10 model variants.

  • Technology: Multi-scroll compressors

  • Refrigerant: R410a

  • Solution: Air cooled

  • Integral pump and tank

  • Fully Configurable Unit

  • Remote connectivity

  • Incorporable hydronic kits

  • Solution for high efficiency at partial load

  • Cooling chiller

  • Reversible Heat pump chiller

  • Low noise chiller version

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