Low noise chillers

GalxC chillers are already low noise compared to others (please always compare Sound Power levels for the true measure of chiller like for like noise comparison) and in addition GalxC chillers have a number of noise reducing features and options which can be used to significantly lower noise levels such as for hospitals, city centre or residential areas, basement applications and complying with noise limits within planning permissions.

We can provide advice and selections to help with the sound specifications, working with consultants, acoustic engineers, contractors and end user clients to ensure that we offer the best low noise chiller for your next air conditioning project or industrial cooling system application.

Super quiet chillers

  • Hospitals and offices

  • City or residential areas

  • Basement applications

  • Acoustic reduction fans

  • EC fans (ambient / speed governing)

  • AxiTop sound diffusers

  • Anti-vibrational mountings

  • Compressor sound enclosures

  • Sound insulation panels

  • Acoustic barriers and compounds


GalxC can offer noise reduction for most of our chiller models please ask for more information.

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