GalxC extensive product ranges include industrial chillers, air conditioning chillers, air handling units, industrial refrigeration, coolers, cooling towers, computer room air conditioning and much more.

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Suggested products



GalxC Cooling Industrial chillers
  • Process chillers

  • Fluid chillers

  • Packaged chillers

  • Laboratory

  • Central chillers

  • Low temperature (-30 deg C)

  • Oil coolers

  • Dirty oil coolers



GalxC Cooling Industrial refrigeration
  • Large cold stores

  • Food storage

  • Blast freezers

  • Chilled coils

  • Cooling towers

  • Glycol systems

  • Project management

  • Installations

Pump and

Tank sets

GalxC Cooling glycol installation tank and pumps
  • High pressure pumps

  • Suitable for specialised fluids

  • Valves and fittings

  • Buffer tanks

  • Insulation

  • Stainless | ABS | Copper

  • Electrical control panels

  • Inverter driven



GalxC Cooling cooling towers
  • Process | Industrial | HVAC

  • GRP

  • Stainless steel

  • Forced or induction draft

  • Access platforms

  • Ladders

  • Inspection hatches

  • Smart towers (automatic



GalxC glycol.png
  • Glycol

  • Anti-freeze

  • Inhibited 

  • Anti-bacterial

  • Food-safe

  • Industrial

  • Multi-metal systems

  • Low temperature



GalxC Cooling Air conditioning chllers
  • Heat pump

  • Variable flow

  • Water cooled

  • Low noise

  • Small footprint

  • Hydrocarbon R290

  • Indoor ducted

  • Energy efficient


Air Handling Units

GalxC Cooling industrial AHU Air Handling Unit
  • Factory or building

  • Industrial specifications

  • HVAC comfort cooling

  • 1,000 - 150,000 m3/h

  • Insulated panels

  • Modular builds

  • Integrated controls

  • Bespoke applications

Computer Room Air Conditioning 

GalxC Cooling data centre air conditioning
  • CRAC

  • Telecoms units

  • Air cooled

  • Indirect free cooling units

  • Remote dry cooler

  • Water cooled units

  • Cooling tower or dry cooler applications.



GalxC Cooling ambient free cooling
  • Adiabatic coolers

  • Free coolers

  • Dry air coolers

  • Air blast coolers

  • Remote condensers

  • Multi-fans

  • Control panels

  • Free cooling valves



GalxC Temperature Controllers
  • Temperature controllers

  • 3 kW up to 48 kW

  • Direct cooling

  • High efficiency

  • Stainless steel pump

  • Large heat exchanger

  • Industrial specifications

  • Additional options 

Data centre cooling

  • Computer room air conditioning (CRAC)

  • Telecoms units

  • Cold / hot aisle containment

  • High density cooling

  • In rack and in row cooling

  • Overhead cooling

  • Chimney or ducted

  • Micro containers

  • Supplemental and portable coolin​​g


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