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Immersed Coil Chillers

GalxC offers a range of chillers with immersed cooling coils which are ideal for cooling existing open tanks or fluids with large particles that would block even dirty oil cooler evaporators.   Our immersed cooling coil chillers are also used for cooling metal processing machinery where very dirty oils and swarf contaminates must not be circulated through a chiller. The immersed coil is mounted within and protected by a frame which the chiller sits up upon.

Please ask our team for more information about immersed coil chillers.

Immersed coil chillers.png

Immersed coil chillers

  • Immersed coil (sited above open tank)

  • TCI range

  • Ideal to cool contaminated fluids

  • Metal processing machinery

  • Very dirty oil cooling

  • Very dirty oil chiller

  • More than 250 micron contamination

  • Cooling open tanks

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