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High Efficiency Chillers

GalxC has a range of high efficiency chillers for industrial cooling, process cooling, air conditioning and comfort cooling chiller applications. With energy costs increasing year on year and a growing desire to reduce carbon footprint, energy efficiency is becoming even more important often with OPEX overtaking CAPEX in the decision-making process. GalxC range of chillers already have good COP, ESER and EESER values and we use a number of combined technologies to achieve even better energy efficiencies for those projects with particular emphasis to reduce energy usage.

The V-IPER chiller range and BCX chiller range in particular offer outstanding energy efficiency performance.

  • Optimised design for chiller energy efficiency

  • Multi-scroll compressors or screw compressor versions

  • Hydrocarbon refrigerants R290 or freon refrigerants R410a / R13a chillers

  • Multi-function versions

  • Advanced electronic management

  • Full heat recovery and partial heat recovery (de-superheat)

  • Integrated free cooling and remote free cooling

  • EC fans

  • Inverter pump and inverter compressors

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