Glycol (anti-freeze)

GalxC supplies and always recommend the use of blended chiller glycol, which we can have developed especially for chiller systems.

Our highly versatile glycol antifreeze is non-toxic, can be used for any process cooling application, including food and beverage installations, as well as HVAC air and gound sourced heat pumps. Proven to significantly lower a fluid’s freezing point. As well as protecting against bacterial growth, inhibit scale and multi-metal galvanic issues, fully blended glycol antifreeze properties are also required in the system as a protection against the elements when a unit is located outside. Critical if there is the potential risk of ambient temperature dropping below the 0°C freezing point at any time. This is still a requirement even when the operating temperature of the equipment is running above 5°C.  We always recommend the inclusion of inhibitors in the Glycol antifreeze for all secondary refrigerant (coolant) applications to eliminate the risk of expensive breakdown disruption from damaged equipment. 

If you are struggling to work out exactly how much Glycol is required and in what percentages for your particular application we can help, please contact our GalxC technical team.

GalxC provides:

  • ALV - high efficiency

  • Chill Flow MEG - industrial

  • Chill Flow MPG - food safe

  • Mono-ethylene glycol anti-freeze

  • Mono-propylene glycol anti-freeze

  • Cool Flo

  • GEO

  • Thermoflow - HT

  • X1 (-58 deg C)

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