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Leasing chiller system 700 kW

A progressive manufacturer in the north west needed to update and increase cooling capacity for a new production plant expansion with the possibility of a further increase in a few years.

Whilst the client was keen to invest with a high performance cooling system, their preference was to keep capex to a minimum, and they had been renting chillers from an energy company for some time.

GalxC offered a leasing chiller solution where we provided the chillers, heat exchangers and the complete with a central stainless steel pipework installation - all as a lease over 3-5 years.  GalxC lease also includes the maintenance and a full support package operated by our own chiller service engineering team.

The client was extremely happy with the chiller system performance and the commercial advantage of a GalxC lease chiller solution.

case study - chiller with free cooler - plastics processing

Plastics processing - chiller with free cooler

A plastics processor in Luton moved to a new facility and invested in state of the art extrusion line which required accurate and consistent chilled water to cool the chilled rollers as well as hydraulic motors.  What made this project more interesting was the site had limited space externally for the cooling equipment. GalxC provided a turnkey chilled water solution including a packaged water chiller with pump and tank, as well as an automatic free cooler to utilise any cold weather so as to provide energy savings, which was all designed to fit between two buildings still having adequate airflow and full access for a pedestrian walkway.

The client was impressed and happy with GalxC performance which resulted in a further two cooling systems being ordered as more plant was added to the new factory, forging another long term client relationship which GalxC service with annual maintenance contract and 24 hour out of hours call-out support

case study - hire chiller - chemical manufacturer

Hire chillers - chemical manufacturer

GalxC Cooling provided the planning and installation of a temporary cooling system; for a 6 reactor system and single condenser with hire chillers, hire boilers, hire flexible piping hire generators and fuel management package.

The temporary cooling installation was designed to provide immediate additional cooling capacity as well as to enable definitive information as to the accurate cooling kW required for the plant. This short-term solution allowed both parties to establish the suitability of a similar solution in view of installing a permanent cooling plant.

The project was executed successfully over a 12 week hire period; resulting in Scott Bader receiving a fully implanted Cooling solution in just 3 months from point of order through to completion of the installation. GalxC applied a unique design and set-up, helping to facilitate the ultimate results of the Cooling Plant.

case study - data centre chillers and free cooling

Data centre chillers and free coolers

“A lot of data centre enquiries we get asked for a water/glycol supply of 7°C and return at 12°C, or more recently in at 9°C and returning at 14°C, but our client required a higher percentage of free cooling which meant elevated water temperatures. We had to manage that increased range on chillers that are not designed to operate with such high return water temperatures.”

The solution was to create a bespoke system using standard plant, making sure there was complete control over the system, such as adiabatic coolers which were given separate controls for the adiabatic function and for when the chillers operated.  By running at a higher water temperature there is more capital expenditure, as you need more cooling surface area inside and outside the centre, but the flip-side is increased efficiency.

Our client is delighted they have achieved their ambitions and full of praise for the GalxC design: “It is well thought out and pragmatic. It is achieving the task and there’s an elegance to the engineering which we really appreciate.”

case study - air conditioning chiller for NHS

Air conditioning chiller for NHS

GalxC was asked to provide a replacement HVAC chiller for a NHS hospital.  Our technical sales team reviewed the application of the cooling system which included cooling a number of different sized AHU's for operating theatres which were in use at varying times with varying loads.  The chiller had to be sited adjacent to a building and near to patient wards and recovery areas, so noise level was a key issue.

The solution was to provide a GalxC Galletti packaged air cooled chiller with it's own integral pump and tank to facilitate thermal load cycling. The chiller uses multi-scroll compressors that are digitally managed to operate with a high efficiency evaporator and fan cycling to control head pressure of the condensers which also reduces emitted sound levels of the chiller that is already one of the quietest standard chillers on the market.

Working closely with the site services team, the chiller was installed and commissioned, and the hospital now has steady chilled water temperature for their multi-demand HVAC system from a much quieter chiller.

case study - hydrocarbon chiler - distribution centre

Propane R290 chillers - distribution centres

GalxC propane chillers can be found at the all new Lidl Distribution Centre as well as in Waitrose Stores and Nestle Manufacturing.

GalxC has adopted Hydrocarbon cooling systems technology since 2011 with the launch of its first Hydrocarbon prototype chillers in 2012, since then various models/ranges have been produced to meet challenging bespoke specification requirements with a special attention applied to the vital safety features specified, whilst meeting design and performance expectations such as free-cooling, low noise, low temperature applications and more.

GalxC are actively involved in R290 chiller range design and the manufacturing is under the GalxC Brand with full EU Certification.

The Micro~Chill HC R290 range has been specially designed to meet Integral UK specifications, operating as part of an Ammonia & CO2 Cascade System (LT &HT) facilitating back-up cooling on demand at between -5Deg. C (HT System) and -23 Deg. C (LT System).

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