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Plastics processing - chiller with free cooler

- Saving energy
- Extrusion process chiller
- Free cooler with automatic controls
- Reduces operational costs and extends chiller lifespan

Plastics processing - chiller with free cooler

A plastics processor in Luton moved to a new facility and invested in state of the art extrusion line which required accurate and consistent chilled water to cool the chilled rollers as well as hydraulic motors.

What made this project more interesting was the site had limited space externally for the cooling equipment. GalxC provided a turnkey chilled water solution including a packaged water chiller with pump and tank, as well as an automatic free cooler to utilise any cold weather so as to provide energy savings, which was all designed to fit between two buildings still having adequate airflow and full access for a pedestrian walkway.

The client was impressed and happy with GalxC performance which resulted in a further two cooling systems being ordered as more plant was added to the new factory, forging another long term client relationship which GalxC service with annual maintenance contract and 24 hour out of hours call-out support

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