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Data centre chillers and free coolers

- Low energy chiller
- Cooling a data centre
- Free cooling
- Energy savings

Data centre chillers and free coolers

GalxC provide signifincant energy savings with enhanced cooling design.

At many data centre enquiries we get asked for a water/glycol supply of 7°C and return at 12°C, or more recently in at 9°C and returning at 14°C, but our client required a higher percentage of free cooling which meant elevated water temperatures. We had to manage that increased range on chillers that are not designed to operate with such high return water temperatures.

The solution was to create a bespoke system using standard plant, making sure there was complete control over the system, such as adiabatic coolers which were given separate controls for the adiabatic function and for when the chillers operated. By running at a higher water temperature there is more capital expenditure, as you need more cooling surface area inside and outside the centre, but the flip-side is increased efficiency.

Our client is delighted they have achieved their ambitions and full of praise for the GalxC design: “It is well thought out and pragmatic. It is achieving the task and there’s an elegance to the engineering which we really appreciate.”

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