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Hire chillers - chemical manufacturer

- 1,500 kW hire chillers
- Temporary cooling system
- Cool central glycol
- Generator & fuel management package

Hire chillers - chemical manufacturer

GalxC Cooling provided the planning and installation of a temporary cooling system; for a 6 reactor system and single condenser with hire chillers, hire boilers, hire flexible piping hire generators and fuel management package.

The temporary cooling installation was designed to provide immediate additional cooling capacity as well as to enable definitive information as to the accurate cooling kW required for the plant. This short-term solution allowed both parties to establish the suitability of a similar solution in view of installing a permanent cooling plant.

The project was executed successfully over a 12 week hire period; resulting in our client receiving a fully implanted Cooling solution in just 3 months from point of order through to completion of the installation. GalxC applied a unique design and set-up, helping to facilitate the ultimate results of the Cooling Plant.

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