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MPIDC chiller

MPIDC Chiller Range

10 kW to 29 kW

Galletti : Water chilling package and EC inverter heat pumps, package type, air condensation; outdoor installation.

About The MPIDC Chiller Range

The MPIDC series consists of 5 heat pump models and 5 cold only models and is intended mainly for residential or light commercial applications. Due to the control manage by a software program developed by Galletti, the MPIDC series’ adjustment logic makes it possible to adjust the water delivery temperature to the set value and to control the compressor so that the power generated by the machine is adjusted to the thermal load required by the system. This represents a strategic feature in the limiting of energy consumption, because the effective thermal load of an air conditioning system is less than 60% of the nominal load most of the time.

The EC technology upon which is based the compressor’s electric motor guarantees the ability to change the rotation speed in a frequency range between 30 and 120Hz, thereby reducing at the same time the power consumption and thus maintaining a high level of efficiency in the operation at partial load and improved isentropic efficiency. These units’ large operating range, which is also achieved due to the variable flow water circulator they are equipped with as a standard feature, guarantees operation with air temperatures from -15 °C up to 52 °C, while in heating mode it is possible to produce hot water up to 58 °C. 

This allows their use as a single generator in addition to summer air conditioning, even in medium-temperature heating systems and for the production of DHW. Furthermore, the innovative Smart Defrost System guarantees that defrosting always occurs in the most efficient manner even under the most extreme environmental conditions.

Technical Specification

The actual thermal load of an air conditioning system is less than 60% of the rated load capacity 90% of the time. In low-powered installations with a small number of indoor units and a low water content, operation under partial load conditions is particularly critical.

In order to ensure that the system works correctly, it is thus necessary to vary the power output by the chiller. The inverter controller acts on the compressor rpm by modulating the refrigerant mass, cooling capacity and input power. The operating logic of MPI DC units allows an accurate adjustment of the outlet water temperature according to the thermal load conditions.

The inverter controller allows to adjust the capacity and the input of the compressor to the actual thermal load and makes it possible to considerably reduce electrical intakes at the compressor start-up (reduction of starting currents) and during the operation under partial loads. As a result of the use of state-of-the-art compressors, the operating range of MPIDC heat pumps makes it possible to heat water up to a temperature of 60 °C, which makes them suitable not only for normal air heating and cooling applications, but also for producing sanitary hot water in both summer and winter.

Furthermore, the ability to guarantee operation with air temperatures as low as -15 °C allows MPIDC to be used as a single integrated system, thereby replacing traditional generators and effectively making a connection to the methane gas distribution network no longer indispensable.

View Specification

MPE spec sheet

Eurovent certification
Modulating operation
Electronic valve
Incorporated hydronic unit
Dynamic setpoint

5 models
Cooling only
Heat pump
Standard execution
Low noise execution

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