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LEP heat pumps

LEP Heat Pump Range

40 kW to 420 kW

Galletti : Multifunctional heat pumps, package type, dissipation with water, indoor installation

About The LEP Range

Maximum efficiency with total recovery and dissipation in water. 

LEP units are actually multi-purpose, they totally recover the condensation heat and they are characterized by the simultaneous production of cold and hot water. Available for two-pipe systems with the request of DHW production or in four-pipe systems, they are conceived for average-high power applications (multi residential or commercial unit) and they guarantee a high thermodynamic efficiency and a wide configurability both in terms of accessories and in terms of refrigeration cycle.


LEP series is characterized by a reduced size, high thermodynamic cycle COP , no external noise, reduced cooling load and it is composed of 24 models with refrigeration capacity ranging from 50 to 470 kW both for the standard version and the silenced one. Multi-purpose LEP machines have six water connections linked to three different hydraulic circuits of which a dissipation one (hot or cold) opposed to the consumption. The users differ as for two-pipe system in which there is a hot/cold circuit and just one hot circuit for the production of DHW while in four-pipe systems there is one hot circuit and a cold one.


There is the option to obtain an external sound-proof hydraulic module with circulation pumps for dissipation circuits, users and domestic hot water.

Technical Specification

Total heat recovery multi-purpose reversible water/water heat pumps.

The LEP units are designed for medium-high capacity applications (e.g. multiresidential or commercial units). They cover a wide range of heating capacities, from 40 to 420 kW, guaranteeing a high thermodynamic efficiency and broad configurability, both in terms of accessories and cooling circuits. The LEP units are developed in a completely enclosed version for a low noise operation making it possible to install them in non-segregated environments.


They are characterized by a rounded shape contributing to an attractive appearance. LEP multifunctional units have 6 water connections for three different plumbing circuits for 2-pipe systems: - Circuit 1, production of chilled or hot water; - Circuit 2, production of water for dissipation circuit, hot or cold water as opposed to user side; - Circuit 3, hot water production (for sanitary use-DHW). Accordingly, the multifunctional units are equipped with 3 different heat exchangers: - 1 plate heat exchanger with evaporating and condensing function designed for user circuit; - 2 plate heat exchanger with evaporating and condensing function designed for dissipation circuit; - 3 plate heat exchanger designed for DWC circuit with condensing function. Operating modes of the LEP multifunctional unit.


In the “Chiller” mode the unit cools water to air condition the interior on the user side, dissipating the condensation heat by means of water that is cooled in the dissipation exchanger. In the “heat pump” mode the unit heats the water in the condenser to warm the interior on the user side, dissipating the evaporative cooling capacity by means of water that is heated in the dissipation exchanger. In other words, a certain amount of heat is drawn from a thermal source, which is delivered to the user after reaching a thermal level such as to satisfy needs.


In the “high-temperature sanitary hot water (DHW)” mode the unit heats water in the condenser, dedicated to DHW as needed, dissipating the evaporative cooling capacity by means of water that is heated in the exchanger on the dissipation side. In the “Chiller + DHW” mode the unit can produce chilled water with the simultaneous production of high-temperature hot water for sanitary use, thanks to total heat recovery. LEP units enable the installation of a simple air conditioning system, either 2-pipe or 4-pipe.


The designation “two-pipe” or “four-pipe” refers to the system for distributing the water used by all the air conditioning equipment of a building. A two-pipe system has a single supply line and a single line for the return of water to the unit. The indoor units served by a two-pipe system contain only an exchanger, which works alternatively as a heating and cooling coil, according to the operating mode. The four-pipe system has a distribution system that offers both hot water (with respective return lines) and chilled water (with respective return lines).

View Specification

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 - Eurovent certification
- Tax relief
- 2 cooling circuits
- Up to 3 compressors per circuit


 - 19 models
- Cooling
- Heating
- DHW production
- Total heat recovery
- Standard execution
- Low noise execution

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