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MTE chiller

MTE Chiller Range

5 kW to 213 kW

Galletti : Air-cooled condensing units, outdoor installation

About The MTE Range

MTE Air-cooled motocondensing packaged units are designed for outdoor installation in both residential and industrial applications. The range uses R410A refrigerant, which assures high levels of performance with relatively low energy consumption and features 29 models in the chiller version, with cooling capacities ranging from 5 to 213 kW and 9 models in the heat pump version, with heating capacities ranging from 38 to 219 kW.


These units are employed in 2-section systems, which are normally connected to air evaporator coils in ducted air conditioning units. Its extreme compactness facilitates the handling and installation of the units, even in situations with reduced installation space. The equipment compartment is completely sealed and may be accessed on 3 sides thanks to easy-to-remove panels that greatly simplify maintenance and/or inspection. On request sound insulation makes it possible to further reduce the unit’s noise emissions.


The cooling circuit is completely precharged with nitrogen. The liquid receiver (available as an optional accessory) compensates for variations in the load that occur in the system when the operating conditions change (day/night - summer/winter). Its use is also recommended for long sections of the circuit.

Technical Specification

To be used in systems in two sections, MTE units can be combined with exchanger coils of air handling units. MPE and LCE outdoor condensing units were developed on the basis of the MTE series and offer a high level of efficiency combined with extremely low noise levels.

They are supplied complete with:

-Shut-off valves on the liquid and gas line;

-Heating element on the compressor crankcase to prevent oil from being diluted during off cycles;

-Nitrogen precharge under pressure;

-Schrader valves for pressure-controlled charging operations;

-Humidity and liquid flow indicator mounted so as to be visible from the outside with no need to remove the panels;

-Electrical control panel with microprocessor controller accessible from the outside and low-voltage output for dry-contact thermostatic control of the unit, external disconnect switch, phase sequence control, compressor protection, compressor start-up time delay device.

View Specification

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- 1 or 2 cooling circuits
- Up to 4 compressors
- Compact dimensions


- 29 Models
- Cooling only
- Standard execution
- 9 models available in heat pump version

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