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V-IPER chillers

V-IPER Chiller Range

50 kW to 380 kW

Galletti : Packaged High efficiency Air-Cooled Chillers and Heat Pumps.

About The V-IPER Chiller Range

V-IPER is Galletti’s new high efficiency range, featuring Galletti’s most advanced technology in the R410A multiscroll units used in HVAC. The range consists of 20 air-water models available as chiller and heat pump, with cooling capacities from 50 to 380 kW.

Technical Specification

The range’s main strongpoint is its high efficiency, not only as time efficiency (Class A Eurovent in chiller and heat pump mode) but especially as seasonal efficiency, aiming to permanently reduce annual energy consumption.


In order to increase the efficiency at partial loads, much of the range is comprised of trio solutions (3 compressors on a circuit); furthermore, Viper employs components and adjustment logic that make it possible to manage the water-side flow rate modulation. The range allows high configurability from an acoustic point of view, having a wide range of accessories designed to reduce noise emissions.


The advanced control, always present in the whole range, allows a continuous monitoring of the operating parameters, advanced adjustment logics, and connectivity. The modular structure with V configuration condensing coils is designed to optimize air-side heat exchange, to ensure structural strength with a reduced footprint, and to maintain maximum accessibility to the basic components.


V-IPER heat pumps and water chillers are designed for heating or cooling the water to be used in air-conditioning systems for residential, commercial or industrial use. Its high efficiency ensures a considerable reduction in consumption and the ability to operate in various weather conditions.

View Specification

MPE spec sheet

- High efficiency under part load conditions
- Intelligent modulation of the water flow rate
- Extended operating range
- Possibility to configure low-noise versions
- Counterflow solutions in every operating mode
- Class A in chiller and heat pump operating mode

- 20 models
- Only cooling
- Heat pump
- Standard execution
- Low-noise execution

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