Brewery chillers and cooling systems

Whether you're an independent craft brewer or a major brewery, GalxC has supplied and installed numerous brewery chillers which range in size from starter sized 0.5 kW chillers up to larger central chiller plants of up to 500 kW and beyond.

We have barrels of cooling expertise built up by working closely with our many expanding brewery clients whom we have helped over the years.  Our technical team are able to give cooling advice to help design and apply a glycol chiller or complete cooling system which we can tailor to suit each application, ensuring we take consideration for current requirements and strike a balance with future planning.

We have many references within the trade so please contact us to find out more - we'd be delighted to help you!

Cooling your brewery!

  • Advice and cooling expertise

  • Glycol chillers

  • Heat pumps

  • Fresh water cooling

  • Canning and bottling

  • CLT - Cold liquor tank cooling

  • FV - Fermentation vessel cooling

  • CT - Conditioning tank cooling

  • Cooling jacketed vessels and heat exchangers

  • Turn-key projects

  • Pipe work installations

  • Pump sets

  • Glycol tanks

  • Control panels

  • FV temperature control panel with remote control access monitoring

  • Glycol coolers - beer storage

  • Brewery cold rooms

  • Food safe glycol

  • Years of brewery cooling experience

GalxC Cooling design and technical expertise

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GalxC Cooling pump and tank set

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GalxC Cooling turn key chiller systems

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