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Chilled Water Systems

GalxC offers an array of chilled water systems and central chilling systems - with or without free cooling.

We can provide small, medium and high capacity central chillers, duty and standby chillers, central chillers with large volume buffer tanks as open circuit or closed circuit which may also include a low loss header.  We can additionally integrate existing site chillers and cooling system, as well as adding free coolers and inverter pumps for energy savings.

GalxC can provide the chillers as well as the complete central chilled water system and pipework installation.

Central chilled water systems

  • Multi-compressor chillers

  • Parallel chiller installation

  • Advanced contols

  • Chiller rotation management

  • Remote controls

  • Pipework installations

  • Inverter pumps

  • Primary and process cooling systems

  • Free cooling energy saving options

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