Chiller and cooling system finance

GalxC is able to deliver finance solutions for chillers, cooling projects, industrial cooling systems and comfort cooling as an alternative to CapEx which can offer several advantages in terms of working capital, balance sheet and tax implications. Working in partnership with Professional Finance who specialise in providing funding solutions and tailor-made finance packages for everything from business equipment – including chillers and cooling systems. GalxC is pleased to introduce Professional Finance to support each cooling project.

You will be surprised at the equipment they can finance and lease so please contact us  to discuss your requirements.

  • GalxC is an exclusive partner with Professional Finance for chiller finance

  • All finance arranged and agreed by Professional Finance is secured on the asset itself

  • Professional Financeoffers you an additional line of credit, enabling you to preserve your cash and any existing agreed credit lines already in place

  • Professional Finance terms are flexible.


Chillers, cooling equipment, pipework including mechanical installations can all be financed.