Free cooling chillers

GalxC offers a range of free cooling chillers.  Our free cooling 'FC' range includes the LCX series which is is a very successful chiller used throughout multiple cooling applications.

The latest version of the LCX design is ideal because of it's extremely wide range: the 18 models that comprise it can be built as chiller, free cooling, or heat pump versions, in 3 different acoustic configurations, and cover a range of powers from 40 to 360 kW.

The FC free cooling chillers maximise energy usage from local ambient temperature conditions via an additional air to water condenser and three way control valves which automatically manage the free cooling mode to harness the most free cooling. 

Additional free coolers can also be provided to boost free cooling capability.

Free cooling technology- FC

  • Free cooling version

  • Technology: Multi-scroll compressors

  • Refrigerant: R410a

  • Solution: Air cooled

  • Integral pump and tank

  • Electronic controller

  • BMS interface

  • Remote control pane

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