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GLE (R454B)

680 kW to 1080 kW
Galletti : R454B Multi-scroll solutions for reliability and high efficiency at partial loads with low GWP refrigerant.

GLE (R454B)

High efficiency when operating at partial load
Electronically controlled electric expansion valve
Incorporable hydronic kit
High configurability and wide availability of accessories
Compact dimensions
Use of low GWP refrigerant
3 different acoustic configurations

6 models
Cooling only
Heat pump
Standard execution
Low noise execution
Super low noise execution

GLE is Galletti's new range of air-cooled big capacity packaged chillers and heat pumps for outdoor installation featuring R454B refrigerant. R454B is a next generation A2L refrigerant with a GWP of only 467, one of the lowest on the market. This GWP value ensures that the GLE range complies with the gradual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions required by the F-GAS regulation, down to the stricter limits foreseen for 2030.

The range consists of 6 models with cooling capacities from 680 to 1080 kW, available in cooling only or reversible heat pump versions. The sizing and choice of individual components is intended to reduce energy consumption with a view to saving energy not only on each individual chiller but on the entire system. The high number of capacity control steps allows the unit to adapt its power to the actual needs of the system, with particular gains in efficiency under partial load conditions compared to traditional screw compressors.

The unit is suitable for being installed in environments where noise abatement is fundamentally important, thanks to the possibility of choosing from three soundproofing set-ups. The use of top quality components at the cutting edge of technology in the cooling, hydraulic, and electrical systems makes GLE chillers state of the art in terms of efficiency, reliability, and operating limits.

In fact, the ability to produce water from -10°C to 55°C, and full load operation with external air from -10°C to 45°C.

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