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Chilled & Cold Storage

Blast freezing
Chilled storage
Drug storage
Food storage
Industrial refrigeration
Low temperature

Chilled & Cold Storage

GalxC Cooling has completed many temperature control and cooling solutions for the chilled and cold storage industry - from manufacturing to storage and distribution centres for temperature-controlled products.

We have worked with fresh and frozen foods, herbs, extracts, flavourings, fruit, vegetables, salads, sauces, soups, ready made meals, fish, meat, dairy, brewing and drinks sectors, as well as flowers, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical products.

GalxC has also provided cooling solutions for growers, ripening, packers, testing, research facilities, processors, wholesalers and supermarket retailers, plus hospitals and morgues.

Cooling applications for chilled and cold storage industry include:

Cold rooms
Cold storage
Chilled storage
Production areas
Goods in
Goods out
Factory buildings
Quality control
High air flow
Humidity control

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