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Construction & Building Materials

Cement curing
Fibre board
Laminated worktops
Insulation panels
Soil & water pipes

Construction & Building Materials

Construction and building materials industry temperature control and cooling solutions.
GalxC Cooling has completed many temperature control and cooling solutions for the construction and buildings materials industry.

Our range of cooling equipment and project installations are ideal to support the demands of the construction and buildings materials industry because we can provide a total solution that can be tailored for each client using our experience of many different cooling applications, from single chillers to central cooling systems.

Cooling applications for construction and building materials industry include:

Concrete pouring (immersed tube cooling)
Bricks cooling tunnels
Blocks cooling tunnels
Furnace cooling
Metal bars
Metal beams
Expandable foam
Foam insulated board
Hydraulic press
Construction plant
Dry lining plasterboard
Resins cooling
Sealants cooling
Wooden laminate
Flooring systems
Drainage water & soil pipes
Guttering fascias and cladding
Double glazing windows and doors
Dehumidification (drying)

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