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HVAC & Building Services

Air conditioning
AHU air handling units
Comfort cooling
Fan coils
Plant rooms
Refurbishment projects

HVAC & Building Services

Experience in HVAC and building services.
GalxC Cooling has completed many cooling and heating solutions for HVAC and building services including AHU's, chillers, heat pumps and all associated equipment for heating ventilation air conditioning projects working with clients, consultants and contractors.

Our team has also completed lots of pipework, M&E, ducting,with system commissioning, test and handover as well as providing longer term refrigeration service maintenance support through our own team of engineers.

Cooling applications for HVAC and building services includes:

Air conditioning systems
Air handling units
BMS integration
Building services
Boiler rental
Chilled water
Ducted air chillers
Fan coils
Glycol cooled systems
Heat pumps
Humidity control
Hydronic modules
Inverter controlled
Office air conditioning
Plant rooms
Portable AC units
Pump sets
Remotely managed
Rooftop units
Total heat recovery systems (4-pipe)
Variable speed flow systems
Water cooled chillers

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