Water cooled chillers

GalxC provide a range of water cooled chillers which are ideal for HVAC chillers, building services chillers and comfort cooling chillers, as well as for other cooling application where a water circuit source is available to cool the condenser such as a cooling tower or dry air cooler.

GalxC offers a range of water cooled chillers and water cooled heat pump units which are developed in a completely with or without enclosed versions for a low noise operation making it possible to install them in non-segregated environments.  The use of optimum refrigerating circuit and top quality components for the cooling, hydraulic and electric systems guarantees high technical level of the WRE units of the chillers in terms of efficiency, reliability and reduced noise levels.

  • Sited indoors, basement or plant-room

  • Cooling only

  • Heat pump

  • Standard execution

  • Low noise execution

  • Eurovent certification

  • 1-2 cooling circuits

  • Up to 3 compressors per circuit

  • Electronic controller

  • BMS interface

  • Remote control panel

  • 24 models

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