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WRE chillers

WLE Chiller Range

40 kW to 750 kW

Galletti : Water-cooled packaged units for indoor or outdoor installation with high seasonal efficiency and low GWP refrigerant

About The WLE Range

WLE is the new Galletti series of self-contained reversible heat pumps and water chillers for indoor or outdoors (with IP54 electrical panel option) installation, suitable for both air conditioning and industrial process applications.

R454B is a next generation A2L refrigerant with a GWP of only 467, one of the lowest on the market. This GWP value ensures that the WLE range complies with the gradual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions required by the F-GAS regulation, down to the stricter limits foreseen for 2030.

Technical Specification

The range covers capacities from 40 kW up to a maximum of 750 kW and is characterised by extremely high levels of seasonal efficiency (in compliance with ErP 2021 requirements) and reduced space requirements in order to facilitate access to technical compartments (for capacities of up to 500 kW, the width and height are less than 88 cm and 190 cm respectively). In order to increase the efficiency at partial loads,

WLE models are provided with tandem or trio solutions (2 or 3 compressors on a single circuit) and equipped with electronic expansion valve as standard. Both single and dual circuit versions are available.

The use of top quality components at the cutting edge of technology in cooling, hydraulic, and electrical systems makes WLE chillers state of the art in terms of efficiency, reliability, and operating limits.


In fact, the ability to produce water from -8 °C to 55 °C and use any type of natural source for dissipation is guaranteed: soil, ground water, or outside air.

The high configurability of the series, which is in the DNA of Galletti, is guaranteed by 2 different versions, with and without closing panels, and 3 different acoustic configurations: standard, low noise, and super low noise, able to ensure a sound power level reduction of up to 12 dB(A).

The range of the configuration available is completed by the possibility of producing hot water up to 60 °C at zero cost through partial heat recovery.


Lastly, the advanced microprocessor that regulates the operation of the unit allows: the control of a maximum of 2 pumps on the equipment side and 2 pumps on the source side, on/off or modulating, the possibility of cascade connection of up to 6 units and management of reversibility on both the gas side and the water side.

View Specification

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- Refrigerant R454B (GWP=467)
- Electronic expansion valve
- Up to 6 compressors
- 1 or 2 cooling circuits
- Remote connectivity with the most common protocols
- Compact dimensions
- 3 different acoustic configurations
- High seasonal efficiency values
- Production of hot water up to 55°C or cold water down to -8 ° C


- 25 models
- Cooling only
- Heat pumps
- Standard execution
- Low noise execution
- Super low noise execution
- Version available with or without protective panelling
- Version for indoor or outdoor installation (IP54 electrical panel)

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