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HCB free cooling chiller - chillbatic

HCB free cooling chiller - chillbatic

300 kW to 1,200 kW : Hiref chillbatic chiller with inverter screw compressors


HCB ChillBatic sets a new standard for air cooled chillers, designed to ensure that processes are both energy-efficient and environment-friendly. Low environmental impact has been achieved by using new HFO refrigerants with low GWP (Global Warming Potential), while higher efficiency/footprint ratios are reached thanks to the special V-configuration of the heat exchange coils and their sizing, the largest among the chillers currently available on the market. The Free-Cooling version - where heat exchange surface areas are double the market average - ensure outstanding performance. The adiabatic cooling technology also produces the highest efficiency rates both at partial and at nominal loads, thanks to the lower temperature of the air entering the coils. The high thermodynamic efficiency low Total Equivalent Warming Impact (TEWI) is combined with a special focus on maintainability and easy accessibility of the compressors contained in the removable HiRail module which reduces noise emissions.

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