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VLS (R454B)

150 kW to 590 kW
Galletti : air-water unit with high seasonal efficiency and low-GWP refrigerant

VLS (R454B)


Refrigerant with GWP of less than 500
High seasonal efficiency values (SCOP up to 4,04 and SEER up to 4,69)
Electronic expansion valve
Wide configurability of options and accessories
Use of multi-scroll solutions (up to 6 compressors)
Availability of standard acoustic set-up or low-noise configuration
Modular "V" structure with reduced overall dimensions
Water production from -10 ° C to 57 ° C
Extension of the working range in the heating phase thanks to the "Low Air Temperature" option

13 models
Only cooling
Heat Pumps
Standard acoustic version
Low-noise execution
With plate or S&T heat exchanger
Available also with R410A (VRS)

VLS is Galletti's new range of air-cooled monobloc chillers and heat pumps for outdoor installation featuring R454B refrigerant. R454B is a next-generation A2L refrigerant with a GWP of only 467, one of the lowest on the market. This GWP value ensures that the VLS range complies with the gradual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions required by the F-GAS regulation, down to the stricter limits foreseen for 2030.

The range consists of 13 models with cooling capacities ranging from 150 to 590 kW, available in cooling only or reversible heat pump versions. The range's main strength is its high seasonal efficiency, which is designed to permanently reduce annual energy consumption as well as meet the minimum efficiency requirements established by ErP 2021. In order to increase the efficiency at partial loads, all VLS models are provided with tandem or trio solutions (2 or 3 compressors on a single circuit) and equipped with electronic expansion valve as standard.

The use of top-quality components at the cutting edge of technology in the cooling, hydraulic, and electrical systems makes VLS chillers state of the art in terms of efficiency, reliability, and operating limits. In fact, the ability to produce water from -10°C to 57°C and operate at full load with outdoor air temperatures from -15 °C to 46 °C is guaranteed.

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