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GXC 3–180kW Air Cooled Process Chiller

Technology: Process cooling / OEM chiller

Refrigerant: R410a

Solution: Air cooled

Cooling: From 1 kW to 200 kW

Heating: N/A


  1. Stainless steel
  2. 100% non-ferrous circuit
  3. Large volume buffer tank
  4. High pressure pump
  5. Indoor or outdoor siting
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I agree to receiving offers and services by email from Galxc

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Product Details

GXC range of chillers are ideal for process cooling demands especially for non-ferrous applications such as cooling machinery, lasers or chilled potable water for food and beverage production.

Standard features

  • Stainless Steel large volume thermal buffer tank as standard across the entire HL-i range
  • 100% non-ferrous water circuit (except GXC150~180)
  • Microprocessor control and alarm fault display
  • Weatherproofed for external site GXC10~i180(IP54) GXC3~i8(IP44)
  • Coated condenser fins to protect the aluminium condenser from corrosion
  • Strong galvanised epoxy coated steel frame construction
  • Improved component positioning for easy service access

Electrical Panel

Conforms to CE (EN60204-1) standards. Siemens as standard.

Integral Pump

Wilo centrifugal stainless steel pump or Grundfos cast iron pump. Both are standard 3 bar pressure. Higher pressure pumps available as an option. Adjustable LP Switch Fitted as standard on some models.


All models feature “Maneurop” or “Copeland” hermetic compressors. These highly reliable European or American manufactured units are protected by an internal thermal overload.

Water Fill & Vent Tank

Fully fitted water fill & vent tank as standard

CAREL Controls

Standard CAREL controls incorporating many advanced features and alarms.

Integral Stainless Steel Water Tank

The high volume integral water tank is manufactured entirely from stainless steel. The large water capacity maintains the water at optimum temperature for longer and reduces the compressor starts to a minimum ensuring longer compressor life and maximum efficiency.

Coated Condenser Fins

The Aluminium fins on the condenser are coated with special anti-corrosion material ensuring long life of the condenser.

Heavy Duty Fan(s)

Heavy duty industrial condenser Fan (ZIEHL ABEGG or EBM) with low ambient operation. This ensures good air flow across the condenser for higher performance.

 *(performance based upon 15°C / 20°C / 25°C – please contact GalxC for exact performance for your project application)