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MCW 5-40kW Water Cooled Chiller and Heat Pump

Technology: Scroll compressors

Refrigerant: R410a

Solution: Water cooled

Cooling: 50

Heating: 65


  1. Remote condenser option
  2. Electronic controller
  3. BMS interface
  4. Remote control panel
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Product Details

MCW chillers, heat pumps and motor driven evaporating units cover a range of Eurovent performance from 5 to 40 kW are designed for residential and light-duty commercial applications and in some cases for industrial applications with 24 hour/day operation.

MCW chillers are available in a completely enclosed version for a low noise operation, thanks to the use of scroll-type compressors. Thanks to their compact dimensions, the pre-assembled hydraulic components and their attractive design, they are suitable for a variety of environments and do not need to be installed in dedicated rooms.

The design philosophy has favoured the development of units having a reduced height with water or cooling (MCR) connections from above and pre-assembled piping system, which reduce installation time and costs and the need for technical space. The large number of sizes making up the series and the available accessories allow a broad range of possible configurations, which make the MCW series an ideal solution for speeding up installation on the building site.

Only top-quality components are used for the cooling, hydraulic and electric systems guaranteeing high technical level of the MCW chillers in terms of efficiency, reliability and reduced noise levels. All the units have single circuit configuration.

 *(performance based upon 15°C / 20°C / 30°C – please contact GalxC for exact performance for your project application)