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TREF 22.1-236.1kW Close Control Air Conditioning Unit




Cooling: <22.1 degrees

Heating: >236.1 degrees


  1. Version 1: A – Air-Cooled Units, with remote condenser
  2. Version 2: D – Dual-Cooling air-cooled units, with remote condenser
  3. Version 3: F – Indirect Free-Cooling units, with remote dry-cooler
  4. Version 4: Q – Dual-Cooling water-cooled units
  5. Version 5: W – Water-Cooled Units, for Cooling-Tower or Dry Cooler applications
  6. Version 6: Z – Water-Cooled units, for city water applications.
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Product Details

Drain Pan made of stainless steel AISI 403
Battery Coil with hydrophilic treatment
Air Flow Sensor
G3 Class Air Filter
Centrifugal fans directly coupled to an induction motor
Front access to components for maintenance
Adjustment – even when the unit is running
Compressor compartment separated from the airflow
Microprocessor control
Automatic breaker loads