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Automotive and Engines

Assembly lines
Automotive production
Body panel presses
Engine testing
Paint plants (BIW)

Automotive and Engines

GalxC Cooling has completed many cooling and heating solutions for the Automotive Industry - from component manufacture, to sub-assemblies in plastics, metal and rubber, as well as bumpers, tyres, seats, chassis and body panels.

We have worked in BIW, rolling chassis, marriage and assembly lines. GalxC has also provided cooling solutions for engine and gear box test cells with temperatures down to -40 deg C.

Cooling applications for the Automotive Industry include:

Air treatment
Bumper mouldings
Body panel pressing
Drying oven
Engine and gearbox testing
Environmental chambers
Expandable foam and polyurethane processes
Extrusion / injection moulding / blow moulding
Fuel testing
Hot body panel pressing
Laser metal cutting
Painting lines (BIW)
Tyre production
Welding lines (BIW and Assembly lines)
Vapour degreasing

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