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Breweries and Drinks

Bottling & canning
Distilleries & wineries
Soft drinks
Water (bottled)

Breweries and Drinks

Temperature control and cooling solutions.

GalxC Cooling has completed many temperature control and cooling solutions for the breweries and drinks industry - from independent owner operator SME's to large corporations and global drinks producers.

We have worked with beers, lagers, ciders, perrys, spirits, liqueurs, mixers, alcopops, wines, fortified wines, non-alcoholic drinks, natural spring & mineral waters, fruit juices, extracts, cordials, health and vitamin drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, colas, lemonades and the majority of soft drinks, as well as teas and coffees. GalxC has also provided cooling solutions for canning plants, plastic and glass bottling lines, cartons, sachets, barrel, vats, hot and cold fill lines.

Cooling applications for breweries and drinks industry

Potable water​
Jacketed vessels
Storage tanks
Shell & tube heat exchangers
Plate heat exchangers
Reducing fobbing
Bulk concentrate
Cold liquor tanks (CLT)
Fermentation vessels (FV)
Central cooling systems

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