LSE chillers

The LSE range of chillers and heat pumps includes 14 models with powers from 370 to 1200 kW (650kW in heat pump mode) and uses only scroll compressors on 2 or 4 cooling circuits.


HIGH EFFICIENCY UNDER PART LOAD CONDITIONS: The number of compressors, according to size, is 2 or 3 per cooling circuit, multiplying the capacity control steps. The high number of capacity control steps enables the unit to adapt its power to the actual needs of the system, with particular gains in efficiency under partial load conditions compared to traditional screw compressors. The control microprocessor automatically distributes the workload among the compressors, thus increasing their lifespan. During operation under part load conditions, the compressors work with oversized exchange surfaces so as to achieve more advantageous thermodynamic cycles, thanks also to the use of an electronic expansion valve, a standard feature of all models.


Though a water chiller or heat pump is chosen on the basis of the maximum load of the system it is intended to serve, the actual thermal load of an air conditioning system is less than 60% of the rated load capacity 90% of the time.

VERSIONS: Cooling only - Free-cooling - Heat pump (up to 650 kW)

EXECUTIONS - Standard execution - Low-Noise execution.

Advanced chiller technology

  • Technology: Multi-scroll compressors

  • Refrigerant: R410a

  • Solution: Air cooled

  • Up to 12 compressors

  • Highly energy efficient

  • BMS interface

  • Low noise

  • Remote control panel

  • Free cooling version

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